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Duhok Film Festival

Viyan Mayi gives certifications to all the new directors whom participated in Duhok Film Festival and awards the winners

For more information enter the Awards page

Vıyan MayıSalutation to the Freedom
On a grape leaf, Duhok holdes the first film festival. The massage which the Directorate of Cinema seeks is to have channels of communication between the Kurdistan film makers inside and outside Kurdistan, as well as the film makers in the different parts of the world.

However, this is the first film festival in which films from all parts of Kurdistan are to participate. As for the contested films; they are restricted to those sponsored by The Directorate of Cinema - Duhok.
Duhok is known for grapes that has become a main feature for the city. Therefore, the grape leaf has been adapted as a symbol for the festival. This attempt is to be achieved with your assistance in any way will be highly appreciated.

Viyan mayi
Director of The Directorate of Cinema-Duhok


Duhok Film festival is the urban face of Duhok city.
A massage forever, to have Freedom, nations brotherhood and not having injustice and tyranny.
Our festival salutates greets all the world festivals

Existence, love, hope and future is Duhok Film Festival...

Hisen Hassan
General Supervisor

Duhok lies on the southern part of Kurdistan on an area of (10715) km. It consists of a number of districts; Amedi, Zakho, Akre, Semel, and Shekhan.

Duhok is surronded by mountains that give the city its special feature. In Duhok modernity and culture meet together. accordingly, There are many historical sites and resorts worth visiting.

" You are warmly welcome " this is what you will hear when visting Duhok.

About Us

This festival is organized by The Directorate of Cinema - Duhok

The staff members :

Supervisor : Hisen Hassan

Exclusive Manager : Viyan Mayi

Production Manager : Salih Arif

Art & Designing

Bina Qaradaghi - Shamal Sabri - Millat Hirori - Sepan Adil - Salih Arif


Relation Office

Jotyar Xalaf - Rayan Hirori


Adminstration & Finance

Firishta Abdulwahab - Kamal Mikail - Parekhan Ahmed - Zaynab Abdulwahab - Pakiza Ahmed - Bewar Rashed - Zolaykha Sadiq


Haydar Ali - Bayar Yuonis - Harbi Salih